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A New Solution for Homeowners

Rentback replaces conventional home finance solutions including HELOCs, bridge loans, and reverse mortgages. Our service offers homeowners a compelling combination of equity withdrawal and an end to the burden of ownership responsibilities.

Better than home equity line, second mortgage, or reverse mortgage

Owners sell to withdraw home equity without moving

Seller becomes a tenant with fewer responsibilities


Leaseback Is Personal

Leaseback transactions are more complex than ordinary sales and often uniquely personal. That's why Rentback counts on a nationwide network of local agents to represent our users. Independent Rentback agents are specially equipped to facilitate leaseback transactions in their area.

Rentback is a network of agents

Agents are trained for leaseback transactions

Users are automatically assigned to our agents


A Turnkey Brokerage Platform

Rentback's technology and enterprise partners do the heavy lifting to match sellers and buyers so Rentback agents can focus on what they do best, providing excellent assistance to their clientele. Increase productivity by leveraging Rentback's streamlined brokerage model to close more sales in less time.

Qualified sellers automatically pushed to agent queue

Buyers are represented by Rentback affiliates

Closings are integrated and online


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A Comprehensive Brokerage System

Corporate Marketing

Our brand is your asset. Rentback targets advertising in its agents top markets to identify and send clients their way.

Transaction Managment

Our cloud-based transaction management software makes it easy to gather signatures and collaborate with other parties.

Legal & Document Prep

We maintain a growing database of state-specific forms and standardized agreements unique to leaseback transactions.

Integrated Title & Closing

Our title and closing affiliate, Spruce, is closely aligned to perform fast title prep and automate the closing and settlement process.


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