| Sell your house and stay in it

Sell your house.
Keep your home.

Sell your house to an investment company and lease it back.



Rentback is a residential leaseback platform.

Rentback is the original leaseback platform for residential real estate. We make it easy to sell your home and stay in it.



Why sell and leaseback?

Equity Withdrawal

Access the wealth stored in your home with Rentback. Get 100% of your home equity paid out in cash at closing.


Lower housing costs and make life easier with Rentback. Sell your house to a professional manager and lose the worries of ownership.


Embrace opportunity with the freedom to move on your timeline. Sell long before its time to move and stay until you're ready.


Get home repair, appliance upgrades, paid utilities, amenities, and more by leasing from a corporate housing provider.


We make leaseback easy.

Sign Up

Sign up to receive a net proceeds estimate and start a new transaction.

Receive equity value and net proceeds estimate

Accept estimate to begin transaction and meet your Rentback agent

Receive home condition assessment and choose your lease terms

CLick to Start

Compare Offers

Choose from a range of offers submitted by property investment companies.

Review multiple offers where available

Accept sale and leaseback agreement

Qualify to lease or use a portion of your equity proceeds to prepay rent


Verify closing documents online, link your bank account to receive funds, and meet a mobile notary to finalize sale.

Close online or with a local attorney

Receive full equity proceeds

Begin initial lease term


meet A local rentback agent

Get Started Today.


Rentback is leaseback done right.


Certified Leaseback Specialists

People are at the heart of Rentback. We train and equip local independent agents to represent users in Rentback transactions. Our agent network specializes in drafting lease terms and negotiating with investors to make leaseback work for your individual needs.

Understands local market

Specially trained to negotiate with property buyers

Works for you with only your interests in mind


Expert Home Appraisal

After you sign up, Rentback and your agent will analyze your property to determine its rental value. Your home's rental value determines what you will pay monthly after closing and helps estimate what sale price you'll be offered.

Market-informed rental appraisal

Finds estimated investment value

Tells how much equity you can expect to receive


Custom Lease Agreement

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Every Rentback transaction is unique. That's why your agent will spend time learning about your needs and craft a custom-tailored lease agreement before you close.

Build your own lease

Customize length, repairs, utilities, services, and more

Finalize lease terms before you sell


More Reasons to Love Rentback

Online Transaction

Complete most steps online or over the phone with Rentback's time saving technology. Traditional modes are also available.

Full Transparency

Rentback believes in openness. We fully disclose what we know about your home and its marketability without hesitation.

Competitive Bidding

You get more when investors compete. Your agent will field multiple offers for your property and help you choose the best one.

Free to You

Rentback comes at no cost to you. Your agent pays for Rentback's services. We get paid when they get paid, at closing.

Nationwide Coverage

The national Rentback fulfilment network enables our platform to operate in all 50 U.S. states and help homeowners coast to coast.

Modern Closing

We partner with Spruce, a modern title and closing company, to offer a lightning-fast online or mobile closing experience.

Resources & Support

Access our growing bank of helpful leaseback resources and reach out to our support team for help with your Rentback agent.


Want to learn more?

What is leaseback?

Leaseback is an agreement by which the purchaser of an asset allows the previous owner to maintain use or occupancy of the asset.

Residential leaseback is an agreement by which the former owner of a property leases it from the investment company they sold it to.

What is the difference between leaseback and Rentback?

Leaseback is a generic term for the transaction defined above.

Rentback℠ is an online platform dedicated to making leaseback simple and accessible.

How long does it take to close?

Time to close depends largely on how long you're willing to hold out for additional offers. We work to find an offer price you're happy with, but also advise there is usually a tradeoff between sale price and time to close.

Can I use my own agent?

Yes, independent agents may be certified by Rentback to represent users on our platform. Talk to your preferred agent and direct them to

How can I be sure I'll get a good deal?

Rentback is an independent platform built for homeowners. Rentback's sales personnel is comprised entirely of locally-licensed real estate agents. Rentback-certified agents are screened, trained, and equipped by Rentback to carry out leaseback transactions with the highest regard for ethics, professionalism, and integrity. Simply put, your agent is trained to separate good deals from bad deals, and to always put your interests before Rentback, our partners, and other stakeholders.