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Home Leaseback

Explore our gallery of leaseback use cases.

Equity Release

Access the wealth stored in your home. Get 100% of your home equity paid out in cash at closing with no loan obligations or strict eligibility requirements.

Convenient Living

Lower your housing costs and reduce maintenance responsibilities. Sell your house to a property manager and lose the worries of ownership.

Increased Mobility

Embrace opportunity with the freedom to move on your timeline. Sell now and move later or keep multiple homes for a period of transition.

Home Improvement

Sell your home to a property company to catch up on home repair and maintenance, appliance upgrades, lawn care, and more.

Home Equity Release

Rentback is the smartest way to tap your home equity without moving. A conventional solution like a second mortgage, home equity line, reverse mortgage, or cash-out refi only allow you to withdraw a portion of your equity and must be paid back. Rentback lets you withdraw 100% of your equity as a lump sum without loan approval or any debt obligation.

Withdraw equity without moving

Better than conventional bank options

No debt obligation

Top Use Cases for Equity Release

Build a New Home

Fund a new construction loan with your existing home's equity. Move only when your new home is complete.

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Purchase a New Home

Fund the down payment on your new home with your existing home's equity before you move.

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Transition to a New Location

Purchase your new home and have as much time as you need with both homes before letting go of the former.

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Pay Off Debt

Use your home equity to pay off high interest debt like credit cards, as well as student loans, medical bills, auto loans, and more.

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Fund A Major Purchase

Grow your business, earn a degree, buy a vacation home, or sail to Fiji with the value stored in your home.

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Increase Borrowing Capacity

Eliminate your mortgage, improve your credit profile, and increase your ability to borrow for other uses.

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Diversify Assets

Reallocate home equity into stocks and bonds to broaden your portfolio and achieve a higher return on equity.

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Protect Wealth

Reallocate the personal wealth stored in your home to hedge against price declines in the housing market.

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Generate Income

Reallocate home equity into income producing securities. Forget reverse mortgages; leaseback is a smarter retirement income solution.

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Convenient Living

With professional property management services, leasing a home is more enjoyable than owning. Quit paying a home loan, property taxes, maintenance, repair, homeowners insurance, association fees, and more by selling with Rentback.

Reduce cost

Transfer responsibility

Get peace of mind

Top Use Cases for Convenient Living


Convert your home equity into income, eliminate ownership costs, and offload home management responsibilities to start out on your second life.

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Leasing holds many advantages for those whom reside seasonally or travel often. Put your home on autopilot to worry less while you're away.

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Change Lifestyle

Sometimes homeownership makes sense, and other times it does not. Leaseback lifts a burden so you can focus on what matters to you.

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Increased Mobility

Ownership limits your ability to move freely. Regain your freedom with Rentback.

Top Use Cases for Increased Mobility

Opportunity Receptiveness

Don't let ownership keep you from pursuing new opportunities. Take a job elsewhere and hang on to your old home with Rentback.

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Preemptive Sale

Don't get stuck waiting for your home to sell. Sell now and rent until your moving date arrives.

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Home Improvement

Sell to a buyer that will make certain property improvements after closing. Rentback agents are trained to negotiate for the property repairs and upgrades you're looking for.

Saves money

Easier than remodeling

Fully customizable

Top Use Cases for Home Improvement

Get Maintenance & Repair

Don't get stuck waiting for your home to sell. Sell now and stay until your moving date arrives.

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Update Fixtures & Appliances

Fund the down payment on your new home with your existing home's equity before you move.

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Add Utilities & Amenities

Purchase your new home and have as much time as you need with both homes before letting go of the former.

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Learn More

What is leaseback?

Leaseback is an agreement by which the purchaser of an asset allows the previous owner to maintain use or occupancy of the asset.

Residential leaseback is an agreement by which the former owner of a property leases it from the investment company they sold it to.

What is the difference between leaseback and Rentback?

Leaseback is a generic label for the transaction defined above.

Rentback℠ is an online platform dedicated to making leaseback simple and accessible.

How long does it take to close?

Time to close depends largely on how long you're willing to hold out for additional offers. We work to find an offer price you're happy with, but also advise there is usually a tradeoff between sale price and time to offer acceptance.

Can I use my own agent?

Yes, independent agents may be certified by Rentback to represent users on our platform. Talk to your preferred agent and point them to

How can I be sure I'll get a good deal?

Rentback is an independent platform built for homeowners. Rentback's sales personnel is comprised entirely of licensed real estate agents that are local and independent. Rentback-certified agents are screened, trained, and equipped by Rentback to carry out leaseback transactions with the highest regard for ethics, professionalism, and integrity. Simply put, your agent is trained to separate good deals from bad deals, and to always put your interests before Rentback, our partners, and other stakeholders.


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